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National Geographic November 2017 article about “Joyful Countries” – Costa Rica, Denmark, and Singapore

This article is somewhat “off topic” as it doesn’t deal with privacy issues as much as it deals with happiness in life. Still, I found it interesting.

I have been to both Denmark and to Singapore recently and am planning a trip to Costa Rica, hopefully within the next year. (I am thinking about obtaining a new retirement home.) I agree with this article about Denmark and Singapore and I have heard good things about Costa Rica.

You can read the National Geographic November 2017 article about Joyful Countries” – Costa Rica, Denmark, and Singapore at:

Here is one quote from the article that sums everything up nicely:

“The researchers who publish the annual World Happiness Report found that about three-quarters of human happiness is driven by six factors: strong economic growth, healthy life expectancy, quality social relationships, generosity, trust, and freedom to live the life that’s right for you. These factors don’t materialize by chance; they are intimately related to a country’s government and its cultural values. In other words the happiest places incubate happiness for their people.”



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