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Windows 10: Hidden Backdoor Found By Kaspersky Researchers

From an article by Davey Winder published in the Forbes web site:

“A notorious hacking group known as Platinum, for once deserving of the “advanced” in the advanced persistent threat (APT) label, has developed a backdoor security threat that hides in plain sight on Windows 10 systems. The Platinum APT group, also known as TwoForOne, is thought to have nation-state backing and has been actively operating for the last ten years at least. Eugene Kaspersky has said that Platinum is “one of the most technologically advanced APT actors.” The discovery of the Windows 10 Trojan-backdoor, named Titanium after a password that unlocks one of the self-executable archives in the infection chain, is just the latest threat to emerge from this always evolving group.”

The full article may be found at:

NOTE: The Titanium “backdoor” only affects Windows 10 systems. Older Windows systems as well as all Macintosh, Chromebook, Android, iOS, and other computer systems appear to be unaffected by the Titanium “backdoor.”

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