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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Volla Phone – a Linux-Based Smartphone to Keep You Completely Anonymous

A new Linux-based smartphone dubbed Volla Phone is listed on Kickstarter. The phone reportedly rethinks the entire approach to how we use our smartphones and all the features of the Volla Phone are based around protecting user anonymity.

Here is a quote from the Volla Phone information on KickStarter:

“Today’s smart phones know what we do and when. The deep integration of cloud services with Google Play in mobile operating systems as well as non-transparent closed source software are the fundamental problem.

“This enables almost complete monitoring and user profiles by manufacturers, service providers and, last but not least, government organizations. Often we even get information that is selected or filtered based on user profiles. With our Volla Phone, you decide for yourself with whom you share which information and from where you get your information. The open source operating system does not depend on a cloud service and protects your privacy.

“Volla Phone

“Experience a unique, simple user experience with instant access to features and information without the need for apps. Just start writing and Volla knows what you want to do.

“The Volla OS is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and contains neither Google Apps nor Google Play Service. Most Android apps can still be installed and used via an anonymous App Store. With our Stretch Goal we’re taking it even further: For your Volla phone you can choose a free open source operating system.

“We don’t collect any data, we don’t track statistics and we don’t ask you to set up a Volla user account if you want to use the Volla Phone. In order to protect your privacy, the Volla Phone comes with a pre-configured VPN, optimized for security where you only need to enter your access data.”


“The Volla Phone comes with a pre-installed VPN of the leading provider to protect your privacy on the Internet.”

If you reserve a Volla Phone now on KickStarter, the price could be as low as €298 (about US$ 328) with deliveries expected in October 2020. Details may be found at:

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