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Twitter has Become Toxic. Can Mastodon Provide a Saner, Safer Alternative?

This story describes recent censorship and hate speech in India. However, similar stories are happening in many countries around the world, including the good ol’ USA. Eugen Rochko describes the problems and at least one solution involving Mastodon.

Mastodon, which is not owned by any one person or corporation and is decentralized, is often proposed as an alternative to Twitter. It is a free and open-source social networking service where users are allowed to host their own servers in the network. The free and open-source social networking service is similar to Twitter in design, with ‘toots’ replacing tweets and ‘boosts’ replacing retweets.

The biggest “problem” with Mastodon apparently is the fact it has only attracted a small number of users. This probably is caused by the fact that the free online service does not have a multi-million dollar advertising department to saturate the Web with advertising claims of how wonderful the service is in the same manner as does Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other services. Without a budget, it is tough to attract new users, even though the Mastodon service may be much better for everyone than are the for-profit services.

You may or may not prefer to use Mastodon in place of Twitter. You can learn more about the free and very private Mastodon services at:

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