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Congress Slaps Robocallers with $10,000 Penalty—Per Call

It’s about time:

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  1. If the Robocallers are offshore, is the new law useless?


    • —> If the Robocallers are offshore, is the new law useless?

      Probably not. The proposed new legislation also includes requirements for all the U.S. telephone companies to create new technology to verify that the caller ID numbers are factual, not spoofed. Such software has been created and works well in testing but has never been rolled out to general use. If enacted and if that requirement remains in the final version of the new legislation, any caller ID information displayed on the receiving phone would be factual. If a call is received from an offshore telephone, when your phone rings, the caller ID would display the actual (foreign) number that is calling or would display “foreign” or “overseas” or “number blocked” or something similar.

      Of course, this will require expensive re-writing of the U.S. telephone companies’ software and these phone companies don’t want to spend the money. These companies also contribute large sums of money to our legislators’ election campaigns and also have armies of lobbyists. As a result, the final legislation, if any, might be watered down significantly.

      Excuse me, I wrote “They also contribute large sums of money to OUR legislators’ election campaigns.” I probably should have written “They also contribute large sums of money to THEIR (the telephone companies’) legislators’ election campaigns.” The general public no longer “owns” the legislators. Large corporations do.


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