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If You Travel Frequently, You Need a Chromebook for Security and Privacy Reasons


Acer Chromebook

According to an article by Chris Hoffman in the How-To Geek web site:

“Chromebooks are great travel companions. They have a lot of advantages over Windows laptops: Their storage is always encrypted by default, they’re inexpensive, and they aren’t vulnerable to many of the problems that affect Windows PCs.”

Hoffman also points out the numerous security and privacy concerns with Windows computers. He writes, “…Windows is the only operating system that doesn’t offer encryption to everyone as a standard feature.”

The full article may be found at:

COMMENTS: Chromebooks started out several years ago as simple computers that were little more than a web browser. Since then, the power and capabilities of Chromebooks have been expanded greatly. Today’s latest Chromebooks can run not only the Chrome operating system but also Android and Linux applications. Even better, for security and privacy, all Chromebook applications always encrypt all files before storing them. You don’t even need to think about it. (Running Linux or Android apps may or may not store files as encrypted, however.)

I have been using Chromebooks for years and love them. I generally take a Chromebook with me whenever I travel, instead of a more expensive and easily-stolen Windows or Macintosh laptop. Yes, Chromebooks also can be stolen but the financial loss will be significantly less plus all your files are safely encrypted and stored in the cloud, safe from thieves. You can still retrieve your files easily after the theft but the laptop thief cannot.



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