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Bad News for Windows 10 as Users Shift to Ubuntu and macOS

NetMarketShare is a company that keeps track of what operating systems people on the internet are using. The company reported the use of Microsoft Windows 10 dropped slightly in April, 2020 from 57.34% in March to 56.08% in April.

Obviously, Microsoft still dominates the operating system marketplace but any drop, even a drop of only 1.26%, still represents many thousands of operating system changes.

Windows 7’s market share dropped as well, from 26.23% to 25.59%, which is to be expected of an operating system that is no longer supported by its creator.

The third most-used PC operating system is now Apple’s macOS 10.15 (Catalina) which INCREASED from 3.41% in March to 4.15% in May.

Perhaps most surprising is the Linux distribution Ubuntu, the open source software operating system that runs on most everything from laptops to desktops to massive clusters of servers in the cloud. NetMarketShare only measured the laptop and desktop systems being used as workstations on the Internet. The usage of Ubuntu jumped from 0.27% in March to 1.89% in April. Combined with other versions of Linux, the open-source operating system Linux is now at 2.86%. That is still another tiny percentage but still represents a large jump during a short 30-day period.

The greater security offered by Linux and macOS systems probably is responsible for at least some of the increase in the usage of those systems.

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