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Follow-up: Zoom versus all the Other Teleconferencing Products

In a recent article, I briefly mentioned Zoom, a very popular teleconferencing product that allows for one-on-one video conversations, groups of people participating in a group video meeting, or even online webinars with up to 10,000 people in the audience.

A reader questioned the use of Zoom by asking, “I’ve been concerned about security issues that have been reported with regards to Zoom. Yet it is being used by large numbers of people. What’s the latest?”

I responded with comments about recent software updates to Zoom that resolved many, or possibly all, of the security issues. I have been using Zoom for more than a year for weekly teleconferences of up to 10 people at a time, for a topic not related to PRIVACY. I also have used Zoom for other online video chats, including occasionally discussing new things with the employees of several companies that I deal with.

Despite the security concerns of the reader, a new article by Kate O’Flaherty in the Forbes web site suggests that perhaps Zoom is the best product to use for one simple reason: all the other virtual teleconferencing products have the same or similar issues. She suggests there is nothing that is BETTER than Zoom.

She states, “Just because [some other product] ‘isn’t Zoom,’ don’t assume it’s more private.'” She then goes on to compare Zoom versus Google Meet versus Microsoft Teams versus Cisco Webex and then goes on to “How to stay secure and private on video calls.””

If you have an interest in video conferencing, you will want to read ‘Not Zoom’ Doesn’t Mean Better For Your Privacy. Here’s Why at

Comment: If you want absolute security for a video conversation with one other person, I recommend Signal at It appears to have the best reputation for total, encrypted security. However, Signal is only useable for one-on-one conversations; it does not allow more than 2 people in a video conversation.

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  1. Wire:, Riot:, Jitsi (webrtc: – all provide group calls – Privacy oriented


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