Advertisement: TP-Link AC3150 Wireless Wi-Fi Gigabit Router with XStream Processing, 4-Stream, and NitroQAM

TP-Link AC3150Game More. Watch More. Share More.

No more taking turns doing the things you love. The Archer C3150 keeps everyone online at the same time, no matter what they’re doing. Powerful XStream processing, 4-Stream, and NitroQAM all combine to make your Wi-Fi faster than ever. MU-MIMO lets your router talk to many devices at once, and Smart Connect makes sure each one has the strongest connection possible. With its advanced Wi-Fi technology and innovative antenna design, the Archer C3150 creates powerful Wi-Fi that covers up to 10,000 sq. ft. and lets more than 25 devices stay connected at the same.

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ibVPN Total Plan Encrypted VPN (Advertisement)

ibVPN is a trusted, premium-quality VPN service for mobile and desktop. Safeguard your Internet privacy, bypass geo-restrictions, and supercharge your connection speed while streaming your favorite flicks, all thanks to ibVPN. An ibVPN user can choose from +90 VPN servers in 39 countries, P2P servers included. The letters “ib” in the company’s name stand for “invisible browsing.” Indeed, using ibVPN will keep your online activities invisible from hackers who try to tap into your online connection in hotels, airports, at home, or anywhere else.

With ibVPN you can:

  • Block web surveillance & hackers
  • Choose from 75+ VPN servers in 39 countries, including P2P servers
  • Stream media w/ no speed loss using SmartDNS solution
  • Unblock 165+ TV & radio channels worldwide
  • Enjoy 256-bit encrypted P2P file-sharing & torrent download
  • Unblock your VOIP apps (like Skype)
  • Access blocked social media sites, anywhere

ibVPN is available for Macintosh OS X, Windows, Android and Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). The connection speed obviously will depend on your ISP & which VPN server you use.

You can learn more at the ibVPN web site at

Advertisement: How to be Anonymous Online: A Quick Step-By-Step Manual

This Kindle ebook by Anna Eydie will show you how to:

  • Browse the Internet Anonymously.
  • Use someone else’s computer without them knowing.
  • Circumvent Windows without altering anything on the system.
  • Make an email account that actually is anonymous.
  • Use PGP Encryption the right way.
  • Why Bitcoin is NOT Anonymous and how that is about to change – Other books tell you that Bitcoins are Anonymous or that you can use “Bitcoin Laundry” services to cover your tracks. This is wrong and the book will tell you what technology is in the works to fix this.
  • Disabling Cookies is USELESS – You are still traceable by your digital fingerprints.
  • Using an IP Proxy Service is BAD – It routes all your activity through a central source that can track you.

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