Book Review: Data and Goliath

Caleb Garling has written a review of Data and Goliath, the latest book from Bruce Schneier, CTO of Resilient Systems, a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and author 14 books. As Facebook and Google have infiltrated our every waking moment, Schneier warns that these data giants, if left unchecked, could compromise the very principles of a democratic society.

Garling writes:

In Data and Goliath, [Schneier] attempts to illuminate the realities of the surveillance state—from Facebook to the NSA and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters—and offer up legislative solutions to keep these organizations in check. On the hyper-local level, he says, regular citizens who share his concerns must take a cue from Edward Snowden and start speaking up. As he puts it bluntly, when it comes to your personal data: “Right now it’s a free-for-all out there, and that’s not good.”

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