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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.


3 Reasons To Use a Digital Wallet

“Paying with just a wave of your phone can be more secure than a physical card.” Key takeaways: Mobile payments are safe—and they are faster and easier than paying cash or using a card. You can connect a debit card or a credit card to the digital wallet app in your phone to make mobile payments. If you have a smartphone, you can use that to pay for things with […]

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This Charger Takes Over Your Phone to Poison the Ad Data Amazon Wants

If you cannot hide from the online spies, perhaps it is better to flood those spies with lots of false data about you. “Garbage in, garbage out.” In this case, flooding an online spy with garbage results in better security for you than revealing only the truth. The spymasters will have difficulty separating facts from fiction. The FANGo charger hijacks your phone and creates junk data by aimlessly clicking, searching, […]

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FBI General Counsel Who Fought Apple over Encryption has had a Rethink

In 2016, FBI General Counsel Jim Baker demanded that Apple “break” the encryption that insures users’ privacy on iPhones. Apple refused to do so. The lawyers got involved and legal action was planned. Eventually, Jim Baker and the FBI dropped the case when the FBI proved the case by other means, not involving the iPhone’s encryption. You can read more about the case by reading the articles posted in this […]

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Edward Snowden said: ‘Without Encryption, We Will Lose All Privacy. This is Our New Battleground’

This statement clearly states why encryption is important to everyone, private citizens, public officials, sports figures, celebrities, and everyone else alike: “… in the midst of the greatest computer security crisis in history, the US government, along with the governments of the UK and Australia, is attempting to undermine the only method that currently exists for reliably protecting the world’s information: encryption. Should they succeed in their quest to undermine […]

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Facebook Will Have to Give UK Police Access to Encrypted Messages, According to a Bloomberg Report

Facebook and its messaging tool WhatsApp will have to give UK police access to users’ encrypted messages under an upcoming treaty with the US, says a Saturday report by Bloomberg, which cites a confidential source. The treaty, which covers other US-based social media platforms as well, would require the sharing in regard to investigations of serious crimes, such as terrorism and pedophilia, Bloomberg said. For some time, law enforcement officials […]

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