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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.


Department of Justice Fears Automatic Encryption Makes Data Too Safe

Leslie Caldwell, an assistant attorney general at the Justice Department, said Tuesday that the department is “very concerned” by the Google’s and Apple’s decision to automatically encrypt all data on Android and iOS devices. “We understand the value of encryption and the importance of security,” she said. “But we’re very concerned they not lead to the creation of what I would call a ‘zone of lawlessness,’ where there’s evidence that […]

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Add Your Own Security for Online Backups

Many security-conscious computer owners question the wisdom and security of backing up files online. In my mind, this is a non-issue. Security is always under your control, if you wish. You can securely place any files on any online storage system if, and only if, you first encrypt the files before sending them from your computer. Luckily, that is easy to do. Once your files are encrypted, nobody can read […]

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MegaChat: a Browser-Based, Encrypted Voice and Video Chat App

MegaChat claims to be a secure alternative to Skype, offering browser-based voice and video chat. The application is now available although the first release seems to have a few remaining bugs. The producing company’s background has been controversial, at best. Flamboyant CEO Kim Dotcom (an obvious pseudonym) started with Megaupload. He was soon arrested by New Zealand authorities for encouraging copyright violations. Charges were later dropped. He has since added […]

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White House Sides with UK, Wants a Backdoor to Encrypted Data

President Barak Obama has officially come out in support of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for backdoor government access to private encrypted data, and even went so far as to suggest U.S. companies that offer ways to decrypt user data are patriots. The President’s comments follow Mr. Cameron’s push for government access to encrypted emails, and text messages, and it signals a serious threat to our personal privacy. Details […]

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Encrypter for Macintosh Protects Your Private Files

Encrypter provides fast and convenient encryption-based protection for your private files, ensuring your private data security. AES-256 Encryption Technology Encrypter provides reliable security protection for your business information, videos, e-books, private photos and important files. Typically, you only have to enter the login password to access these data conveniently. Without the password, no other people can access the data or transmit or duplicate the same to other storage devices.

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With Crypto in UK Crosshairs, Secret US Report says that Cryptology is Vital

As UK Prime Minister David Cameron forges ahead with a campaign pledge to ban encrypted messaging apps unless his government is given backdoors (see my earlier article at, that country’s Guardian newspaper has aired a secret US report warning that government and private computers were at risk because cryptographic protections aren’t being implemented fast enough.

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NSA Documents Show that the Agency can Grab All Skype Traffic

Skype used to have a reputation as a safe and secure voice communications tool. Sadly, that is no longer true. A National Security Agency document published this week by the German news magazine Der Spiegel from the trove provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden shows that the agency has full access to voice, video, text messaging, and file sharing from targeted individuals over Microsoft’s Skype service. The access, mandated […]

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