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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.


Use an IronKey Encrypted USB Flash Drive to Keep Your Data Secure

One of the best inventions of the late twentieth century was the creation of flashdrives. These tiny devices, also called thumb drives, memory sticks, and a variety of other names, are very useful for many purposes. You can keep critical information with you wherever you go. You can also use a flashdrive to copy data from one computer to another. Several business people I know make backups of important business […]

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The Onion Router: a Raspberry Pi based Tor Wi-Fi Access Point for Easy Anonymous Internet

Do you get the feeling that you are being watched online? Would you like to have the best possible online security all the time? Would you also like to add security to your Internet-connected devices that don’t offer encrypted connections, such as Chromecast for your television or OBI for your VoIP telephone? With a TOR-based router (See Note#1 below), you also can access Hulu, Netflix, HBO, or your favorite team’s […]

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Your Wireless Keyboard is a Security Risk

On the outside, the KeySweeper looks like a regular wall wart, but on the inside is an Arduino microcontroller that allows the KeySweeper to connect to nearby wireless keyboards and passively sniff, decrypt and log all of the keystrokes. These keystrokes can then be transmitted over the Internet by a wireless connection by using an optional GSM cell phone module, or stored on flash memory inside the device.

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Ooma is now Available at the Lowest Price Ever

I fired the local telephone company years ago. I replaced the old-fashioned telephone service with a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone that connects to the Internet router in my home. There are no telephone lines connected to my house. The VoIP system works well, providing crystal-clear voice calls and also works perfectly with security alarms, FAX machines, and more. I am especially pleased that Ooma offers secure, encrypted phone […]

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Looking for a simple reliable solution to secure the information stored in your Flash drive, Flash media, USB hard drive, or optical media? The CipherUSB may just be the answer. I have two of these devices and rely upon them to protect a lot of my information. Your data and your backups should always be encrypted, wherever you store them. Keep in mind that a lot of identity theft and […]

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A Portable and Secure Hard Drive that you can Slip into your Pocket

The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a portable drive that you can slip into your shirt pocket. Best of all, it features 256-bit hardware encryption and integrated local and cloud backup solutions that allow you to make use of your Dropbox account to create a an additional backup. It is one of the better devices available today for making backups and for carrying your information with you. From a […]

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