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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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GCHQ Unlawfully Spied on UK citizens, Rules Secret Court

According to a new ruling handed down today by a secret UK court, GCHQ—essentially the UK equivalent of the NSA—unlawfully spied on British citizens. The ruling pertains to the intelligence sharing between the USA and UK, where GCHQ had access to the NSA’s PRISM and UPSTREAM programs. Basically, because the rules that governed the UK’s access to PRISM and UPSTREAM were kept secret, GCHQ contravened two Articles of the European […]

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Canary Watch Tracks Government Requests for Your Information Online

Years ago, canaries were carried into mines to warn of dangerous gases. Canaries are more sensitive to small amounts of lethal gases than are humans. If the canary died, it was a warning to the miners to get out of the mine immediately. Now the Electronic Freedom Foundation has developed an “electronic canary” that monitors government requests for information about a company’s customers. The concept is very simple. The Patriot […]

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NSA Still Collecting Americans’ Phone Records Data, Despite Not Knowing The Program’s Worth

“The US government continues to collect the phone records of millions of Americans, one year after a White House privacy board recommended the controversial program should shut down.” A revealing article by Zack Whittaker at shows that one branch of the government is ignoring another branch. Of course, that’s nothing new.

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United States of Secrets

For a report from a highly reliable source about the spying by the U.S. government about its widespread spying on its own citizens in contradiction to U.S. laws, watch Frontline’s report of the United States of Secrets. Frontline is produced by WGBH television and is broadcast on most PBS Stations. The United States of Secrets is a report of the history of domestic spying that started after the 9/11 attack, […]

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D.E.A. Kept Telephone Records on Americans, Justice Department Says

The Justice Department revealed on Thursday the existence of yet another database of American telephone records, adding new details to the disclosures in recent years about mass government surveillance. The database, maintained by the Drug Enforcement Administration, contains the records of calls made between phone numbers in the United States and overseas, even if there is no evidence the callers were involved in criminal activity. See for details.

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Defying Feds, Microsoft Tries to Keep User Data Private

Woody Leonhard has written an article about Microsoft’s efforts fighting a federal search warrant demanding that the company release emails stored in Ireland. The article describes why you should be extremely concerned by a U.S. court’s actions — and what you can do about it. You can read Woody’s article at:

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Protect Our Privacy and Please Veto HR 4681, aka The Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015

The White House has received a petition with 8,273 signatures (so far) asking: HR 4681 is a horrific encroachment on the privacy of the American people. It authorizes the executive branch to acquire and retain communication information on a whim and without any due process. This authorization is in section 309. While similar things have been done without congress’s approval for years now, having this enshrined in law is dangerous […]

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