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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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A European Data Privacy Office Has 15 Open Investigations. Ten Are About Facebook.

I doubt if this surprises anyone. Facebook seems to encounter more and more difficulties every day concerning its predatory, privacy-invasive practices. The Ireland Data Protection Commission said in a report that as of Dec. 31 it had 15 ongoing investigations of multinational tech companies. Ten of the investigations were about Facebook or its subsidiaries, Instagram and WhatsApp. Details may be found at:

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British Parliament blasts Facebook over Data Privacy in Scathing Report

After 18 months investigating Facebook and online misinformation, a British parliamentary committee issued a scathing report today, accusing the company of breaking data privacy and competition laws and calling for new regulations to rein in the technology industry. Repeated scandals involving Facebook and other tech companies demand more government oversight, the committee concluded, including laws making internet companies legally liable for content shared on their websites.

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Facebook Settlement With FTC Could Run Into the Billions

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission are discussing a settlement over privacy violations that could amount to a record, multibillion-dollar fine, according to three people with knowledge of the talks. The company and the F.T.C.’s consumer protection and enforcement staff have been in negotiations over a financial penalty for claims that Facebook violated a 2011 privacy consent decree with the agency, said the people, who spoke on the condition of […]

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India Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

Personal privacy seems to be dying in India as the country moves to increased censorship by the government. Sadly, this trend is occurring worldwide, including here. According to an article by Vindu Goel in the New York Times: “India’s government has proposed giving itself vast new powers to suppress internet content, igniting a heated battle with global technology giants and prompting comparisons to censorship in China. “Under the proposed rules, […]

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California Law could be Congress’ model for Data Privacy. Or it could be Erased

An interesting article by Tal Kopan Feb in the San Francisco Chronicle: “Under California’s law, which takes effect next year, web users can demand that a business tell them what personal information it is collecting about them and whether it is selling or sharing it, and if so to whom. Consumers can also demand that a company delete their information. The law will allow people to sue companies whose negligence […]

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German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook’s Whole Ad Business

“Facebook’s massively lucrative advertising model relies on tracking its one billion users—as well as the billions on WhatsApp and Instagram—across the web and smartphone apps, collecting data on which sites and apps they visit, where they shop, what they like, and combining all that information into comprehensive user profiles. Facebook has maintained that collecting all this data allows the company to serve ads that are more relevant to users’ interests. […]

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