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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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Dutch Watchdog Demands Privacy Changes From Google

A Dutch privacy watchdog on Monday ordered Google to make changes to the way it handles users’ personal data or face fines of up to 15 million euros ($18.7 million). The College for the Protection of Personal Data announced it is giving the Internet giant until the end of February to comply with measures aimed at giving consumers in the Netherlands more clarity about how their personal information is used […]

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The Best VPN Services

Christian Cawley has published an article that claims to list the Best VPN Services. I can’t vouch for his accuracy but the list certainly is interesting. I have used SurfEasy Total and Private Internet Access and I agree with his reviews of these services. I am not familiar with the others he mentioned. I was disappointed that Cawley did not mention Witopia, one of my favorite VPN providers. You can […]

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Posting a “Privacy Notice” to Facebook Does Nothing

A new wave of Facebook users are posting a new privacy notice to their Facebook News Feeds, hoping to protect their posts and photos from being used without their permission. Chalk it up to another hoax notice that doesn’t actually do anything. Details may be found in an article by Ian Sherr in the Yahoo Tech News web site at

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Facebook Privacy – How Much Information Are You Giving Away?

If you haven’t reviewed your Facebook account’s privacy settings for a while, you may be sharing more than you realize. Facebook is under fire for drawing up terms and conditions so confusing that few people can understand what they’re actually agreeing to when they sign up to the social network. Whatever you think of the service, with 1.35 billion active users (about the same as the population of China), that […]

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How to be Safe when Shopping Online

Online safety is something we all need to be concerned with. However, the safe use of credit cards online seems doubly important as we enter the holiday shopping period. Consumers will spend roughly 1.2 trillion dollars in online shopping this year, according to Statista at That number is expected to double in the next four years. Almost all of the transactions will be paid with a credit card, a debit […]

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