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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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If You Are Using Hotspot VPN, Free VPN Master, Secure VPN, or Security Master by Cheetah Mobile on Your Android Device, Uninstall Them Now!

VPNs are supposed to protect you from snoops and unwanted advertising. However, four VPNs do the exact opposite: these four not only serve their own ads while running the background, but ads are also placed outside the apps, including on the home screen. The producing companies make money if you click on one of these ads. The four VPN apps have been downloaded more than 500 million times! You can […]

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Facebook Confirms It Collected Audio of People Talking to its Portal Devices and Had the Recordings Transcribed

If you have one of Facebook’s Portal Devices, you can assume that the words you thought were private when talking with your family were not private at all. In fact, your words may have been transcribed and are now saved for whatever use and whatever purpose Facebook wishes. Given the company’s past actions, we can assume the desire is to invade your privacy in some manner is planned so that […]

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Facebook To Introduce New Streaming Device that can Watch and Listen to You

Facebook’s reputation for protecting user privacy has taken a lot of hits over the past several years. That’s why so many  consumers and advocates alike expressed alarm when Facebook first introduced its in-home hardware Portal last fall to compete with Amazon Echo. However, despite a cold reception for their first product, Facebook is preparing to release another device this holiday season that will specialize in streaming video. It makes sense […]

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Russia Carried Out a ‘Stunning’ Breach of FBI Communications System

Here is one more reason why we cannot trust the FBI or any other government agency or law enforcement agency with “back doors” to encrypted information: the information obtained and supposedly kept secret by these agencies won’t be secret for very long. One of many examples is the recent revelation that Russian agents have dramatically improved their ability to decrypt certain types of secure communications and successfully tracked devices used […]

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Facebook Says It Needs to Always Know Your Location, and Is Warning iOS and Android Users Against Turning It Off

This seems silly. Why does Facebook or most any other web site need to know your location? OK, if you are ordering a product online from Amazon or some other e-commerce site then I guess the owners of that web site do need to know the address to be placed on the shipping label. There may be some other examples as well. But Facebook??? Oh, I know why, Because the […]

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Use the Off-Facebook Activity Tool to Stop Being Stalked by Ads Online

From an article by Georgina Torbet in the Make Use Of web site: “Facebook has been the subject of significant criticism about its approach to privacy. Now the company is trying to rebuild trust with its users. One way it is doing this is by introducing tools which let users see their own Facebook data and take more control over this data. The Off-Facebook Activity tool allows use to control […]

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‘Burner’ Phones Aren’t Just For Criminals. Here’s Why You Should Have One.

While you might think a “burner phone” is something only a criminal may use to avoid being tracked by authorities, law-abiding citizens may also appreciate the privacy awarded by a burner phone. The details may be found in a article by Marc Saltzman in the USA Today web site at: Here is another idea: An even more secure and private “telephone” can be fashioned from an Apple iPod touch. […]

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