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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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Cryptomator – The Easy Way to Securely Save Encrypted Files in Your Computer(s) and in the Cloud

If you want to keep a few secret documents or even applications, you need to encrypt them and hide them in your computer. If you have more than one computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), you probably should have these secret, encrypted files automatically available on each computer and do that in such a manner that everything remains securely encrypted when copied to the other system(s). Even if you only […]

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US AG Barr Demands Tech Firms Break Encryption

Some politicians simply don’t understand the legitimate needs for encryption. If they are not careful, they may get what they wish for. The latest silliness involves US Attorney General Bill Barr who told attendees of a cybersecurity conference in New York that the government should be able to spy on everyone’s secrets. You can read more at: What is encryption and why is it important? Encryption, is the process […]

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Facebook to Pay $5 Billion, Create Privacy Committee in FTC Settlement

While Facebook has been fined $5 Billion because of its many privacy problems, the more interesting part of the story probably is the court-ordered mandate that requires Facebook to establish a board committee to oversee privacy issues at the company, which includes “executive certifications” of proper oversight. See to find dozens of stories about this latest fine against Facebook. I am not sure of the exact definition of “executive […]

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An Israeli Security Group Claims It Can Access All Your Encrypted Cloud Data

This is a serious privacy issue although perhaps not quite as serious as it first sounds. Israeli security company NSO is reportedly advertising to governments that its Pegasus software is able to crack encrypted cloud storage, including iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive. However, in order for the technology to work, the company would have to have root access to your device. That means in order to install software that gives […]

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Never Commit a Crime When Your Phone Is Connected to a Wi-Fi Network

As four high school seniors sat around shooting the breeze before graduation, they decided to vandalize their school as a senior prank. Disguised with T-shirts over their faces to evade security cameras, the young men originally set out to spray-paint “Class of 2018” and other graffiti on the school property. Despite their covered faces, school officials had no problem finding who was responsible: The students’ phones had automatically connected with […]

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