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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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UN Creates a Digital Privacy Watchdog

This should be interesting. The top human rights body in the United Nations has voted to create a special watchdog dedicated to the right to privacy in the digital age. The new “Special Rapporteur” created by the Human Rights Council on Thursday will be tasked with investigating whether countries’ cyber spying programs unnecessarily violate people’s privacy and what people around the world can do to protect those rights. Gee, I […]

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Inside Canada’s Most Secretive Spy Agency

When Edward Snowden fled from the United States to a Hong Kong hotel room, and then on to Russia, he took with him a massive cache of documents from the American intelligence establishment. These would form the main part of the Snowden revelations, which ultimately showed the extent to which ordinary people have been spied upon by the services they use, and by their own governments.

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Facebook Still Cannot Tell You when it is Being Silenced by the Government

An interesting article in ZDnet describes the super secrecy used by the U.S. government to hide its spying on American citizens. The social networking giant received 14,274 regular requests from the US government, impacting 21,731 individual accounts. In four-out-of-five cases, some data was handed over. In most cases, a court-issued search warrant forced the handover of data. However, Facebook is not allowed to tell what personal data about you it […]

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Are You Giving Away Your Personal Information?

Would you give a stalker the street address of your home? Would you give a pedophile the precise location where your children play? If you have posted a picture online, you may have already done that. Pictures taken with GPS-equipped digital cameras usually embed the GPS coordinates within each picture. Most cameras have an option to turn this capability on or off, but the default setting usually is ON. Unless […]

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Hilton Website Flaw let Hackers Hijack any Honor Member’s Account

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has patched a gaping hole in its website that let anyone with a Hilton Honors account hack another account simply by knowing or guessing its 9-digit number. All an attacker had to do, according to security experts Brandon Potter and JB Snyder of consulting and testing firm Bancsec, was log in to any Hilton Honors account, alter some of the HTML content, and reload the page. […]

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cb Time App Brings a Vault Hidden in a Clock

The best place to hide things often is in plain sight, especially if it looks like something else. Many companies will sell you things to hide money, jewelry or other physical items. I have seen books with hollowed out pages, all sorts of common-looking cans with screw-off bottoms, and other products that are disguised as one thing but actually are hiding places for your valued posssessions. Now a new app […]

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