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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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Google Probably Knows More About You than the NSA 

The first law of selling is to know your customer. This simple maxim has made Google into the world’s largest purveyor of advertisements, bringing in more ad revenue this year than all the world’s newspapers combined. What makes Google so valuable to advertisers is that it knows more about their customers — that is to say, about you — than anyone else. Where does Google get this knowledge? Simple. It watches most everything you […]

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Choose Privacy Week is May 1-7

Choose Privacy Week (May 1-7) is an initiative by the American Library Association that invites library users into a national conversation about privacy rights in the digital age. The ALA believes that it’s time for Americans to take charge of their information privacy, and JMRL has the resources to help you do just that. American Library Association provides more information at  

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Facebook Exec Says Customers Won’t Get New Features If It Has To Follow Tough Privacy Rules

New features in an online service are nice, but are they worth the cost of giving up one’s privacy? In a Financial Times opinion article Wednesday, Facebook’s public policy director in Europe Richard Allan said European privacy regulators are killing the internet business, and ultimately Europe’s financial success, by subjecting tech companies to unnecessary probes and strict regulations. Regulators in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and France have joined forces […]

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Twitter Moves non-US Accounts to Ireland to Hide Them from the NSA

If live in the US and you have a Twitter account, your data is stored on servers within the U.S. so that NSA can access all your data. However, if you live anyplace outside the U.S., your Twitter data is stored in Dublin, Ireland, so that NSA cannot access your private information. The changes will be complete by 18 May 2015 and Twitter briefly explains them in a policy update […]

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Digital Shadow Exposes What Facebook Really Knows About You

You might not have previously heard of Digital Shadow, but it is a scary piece of software. No, Digital Shadow itself isn’t scary but what it reveals may really shock you. I ran Digital Shadow and found that most of the information it obtained from Facebook about me was correct but not threatening. Most of the same information can be found by a simple Google search. After all, I do […]

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