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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.


Apple has Recruited a Former Employee and Vocal Critic of Facebook to Join its Privacy Team

Of all the major corporations in the computer industry, Apple appears to be the one leading the fight for individual privacy, challenging both government spies and the corporations that collect and sell private data of their customers. Now Apple has recruited a former employee and vocal critic of Facebook to join its privacy team. Sandy Parakilas, who spent a year and a half monitoring privacy and policy compliance by software […]

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Veteran Tech Journalist Walt Mossberg Quits Facebook, Because Yeah

I have been an avid reader of Walt Mossberg’s articles for years and once traveled 500 miles one-way just to sit in the audience when he delivered a great presentation about technology in today’s world. I also follow the various security problems, privacy problems, and other issues surrounding Facebook. I wasn’t surprised to learn today that Walt Mossberg is leaving Facebook and deleting his account there. “I am doing this […]

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Phil Zimmermann joins

Phil Zimmermann, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), has joined “to spearhead its product innovation and crypto-development.” In 2013, an article on Zimmermann’s Law quoted Phil Zimmermann as saying The natural flow of technology tends to move in the direction of making surveillance easier, and the ability of computers to track us doubles every eighteen months. You can read more about Phil Zimmermann on Wikipedia. CEO Robert […]

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Michael Cohen had 16 Cell Phones Seized by the FBI

I’m jealous! Security experts often advise politicians, business executives, movie stars, professional athletes, and others to always have a second cell phone in addition to their primary phone. The second phone, sometimes called “a burner phone,” should receive little use. The owner is advised to use it only when he or she might want to hide something from law enforcement personnel or Border Patrol or perhaps is in danger of […]

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Equifax CEO Quits Following Massive Data Breach

Not much of a surprise here. Almost three weeks after Equifax said that hackers had gained access to the sensitive information of 143 million Americans, the credit-reporting company’s CEO has quit. Equifax said on Tuesday morning that Richard Smith, who had been leading the Atlanta-based company since 2005, was stepping down. Details may be found at:

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Entire Trump Family Reportedly Switches to Encrypted Tutanota Emails

After the recent scandal revealing that Trump campaign aides have had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence in 2016, the entire Trump family apparently turned towards encryption to protect their private communications amongst themselves and possibly with others. Several encrypted Tutanota mailboxes were registered yesterday alone with distinct names of Trump family members. Now the Trump family seems to have learned from those early mistakes during the presidential electoral campaign. They […]

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Pompeo Confirmed as Head of the CIA Head, Raising Surveillance and Privacy Concerns

The new head of the CIA believes the agency should even expand its present capabilities to monitor the online and offline activities all US and foreign citizens. Mike Pompeo will lead the Central Intelligence Agency, after the US Senate confirmed his nomination Monday evening in a vote of 66 to 32. Pompeo has supported rolling back reforms on US surveillance practices that were put in place after Edward Snowden’s leaked […]

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