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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.


Use Send Anywhere for Secure Sending of Files

If there’s one thing you should keep both anonymous and disposable, it’s any file that you share with friends or family on the web. Sending an attached file from your email account is risky. First, normal email is non-secure; hackers can easily intercept it. Once intercepted, the same hackers can easily retrieve the attached file. Sending something private? It’s best to not use email! A better method is to use […]

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New Privacy International Database Reveals Technology Solutions that Spy on Citizens

Human rights advocacy group Privacy International (PI) has launched a new searchable database that aims to map and highlights all the creepy technology solutions being sold around the world to enable surveillance on citizens, the companies that sell these solutions and the agencies they are selling them to. The Surveillance Industry Index database, co-developed with pro-transparency software group Transparency Toolkit, features information on over 520 surveillance companies in the world, […]

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Secure Your Web Browser with HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. It is a free and open source web browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, created by a collaboration by The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). It automatically makes websites use the more secure HTTPS connection instead of HTTP, if they support it.

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A Perfect Example Why Businesses Should Not Be Gathering Your Private Information

Want to read a modern-day horror story? Massachusetts-based digital mapping company called MaxMind started decoding the EXACT location of Internet IP addresses. That by itself is an obvious invasion of privacy. However, to make matters even worse, the company’s accuracy is less than perfect. Innocent people have suffered as a result. One example of technology gone amuck can be found at How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas […]

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IRS now Admits Last Year’s Hack was Much Worse than Originally Stated

The IRS has admitted that last year’s hack was far worse than originally stated. When the IRS first reported a hack that exposed taxpayer accounts’ vulnerable information, it pegged the number of affected people at a little over 100,000. Now, in its second upward revision, the number of affected people now stands at over 700,000. The newest report is available at

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America’s Top Privacy Regulator Won’t Wear a Fitbit

Darn! I just purchased a new Fitbit “smart watch” last week. After reading an article in The Guardian, I have taken the watch off my wrist and placed it in a drawer. As chair of the Federal Trade Commission, Edith Ramirez is America’s top privacy regulator. She won’t wear a Fitbit. Speaking at a CES panel, Ramirez said she uses a pedometer because “I don’t want my sensitive health information […]

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Sees No Tension Between Privacy and National Security

Of the big three software producers (Apple, Microsoft, and Google), Apple is the one that works the hardest to provide privacy and security for its users. In fact, Google’s Android and Chromebook systems deliberately collect information about users and send that info to Google’s servers where it can be used for displaying targeted advertising and other purposes. Speaking Monday at the Wall Street Journal’s technology conference, WSJDLive, Apple CEO Tim […]

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