On the Road Again, This Time to Bangkok

By the time you read this, I will probably be en route to Bangkok, Thailand. I will warn you there may not be as many articles as normal posted in this blog in the next week.

I will have a laptop computer and a VPN-equipped router with me and will be staying in a modern hotel with wi-fi connectivity. Therefore, the blog articles should be posted as usual. The keyword in that sentence is “should.” When traveling, one sometimes encounters unpleasant and unexpected problems. Please don’t be surprised if I disappear for a few days.



Updated: Copying Articles from the Privacy Blog and Republishing Them Elsewhere

This issue arose again recently. I thought most people had more sense than to blindly copy things from one web site and then post those things on another web site. I was wrong.

Copyright laws DO apply to almost everything published on the World Wide Web. There are strong penalties for violating copyrights.

I believe that the copyright statement of the Privacy Blog is much more liberal than that found on most other web sites. Still, you cannot legally copy lots of articles from this blog and then post them elsewhere without permission. However, you may legally copy and republish an occasional article or two for non-commercial purposes.

You can read the copyright statement of the Privacy Blog at https://privacyblog.com/copyrights-and-other-legal-things.

Thank you.

On the Road Again

I will be traveling for a few days. I will be on board a cruise ship in the eastern Caribbean.

By the time you read these words, I will already be at sea. I am traveling with an iPad and a laptop computer, a wireless cellular modem, and wi-fi networking as well so theoretically I should be able to post new newsletter articles while I am traveling. However, my experience with cruise ships is that Internet connections are both very slow and prohibitively expensive. Besides, I may have other activities planned besides staying inside staring at a computer screen. I already do enough of that as it is on other weeks! As a result, you may not see as any new articles posted here for the next week.