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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

VPN (Virtual Private Networking)

Millions of VPN Users Endangered by this Cross-Border Intelligence Pact

Your government is plotting against you and your desire for privacy! I bet you are not surprised, right? According to an article by Joel Khalili in the TechRadar Pro web site: “While VPN users across the globe might assume their internet activity is safe from prying eyes, the privacy of millions could be jeopardised by little-known information sharing treaties, designed to sidestep surveillance law. “According to data collated and analysed […]

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How to Make Your Own Personal VPN in Under 30 Minutes

Quick, relatively easy, and often cheaper than paying a company to use their VPN service. Even better, because it is your own private VPN, you don’t have to worry about the VPN provider stealing your personal information or inserting ads into the web sites you visit. The downside is that this process requires a little bit of technical typing on the keyboard in terminal mode. However, the step-by-step instructions by […]

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The Best VPN Services for 2020

Mark Coppock has obviously performed a lot of testing of the leading VPN providers and has published his results in an article in the Digital Trends web site. He writes: “Online security is important today than ever before. One common method for protecting yourself online is the use of a Virtual Private Network — or VPN for short. It allows you to safely send information when using public networks via […]

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At Least 20 VPN and Ad-Blocking Apps With 35 Million Downloads Actually Monitored Users’ Phones

The primary purpose of using a VPN is to INCREASE one’s online privacy. Sadly, many of the free VPNs do the exact opposite: they spy on you more than ever. Sensor Tower supplied similar VPN products that all had different names. Examples include Free and Unlimited VPN, Luna VPN, Mobile Data, and Adblock Focus. All told, the 20 or so VPN apps owned by Sensor Tower had 35 million downloads […]

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This Fake VPN Installer is Stealing Users’ Passwords

I have written before about the FREE ProtonVPN. See for a list of my past articles. I consider it to be a great FREE VPN, one of the very few free VPNs I would trust. HOWEVER, a hacker has now created a look-alike product that actually is malware (malevolent software) that, once installed in a computer, steals every user name and password for every site the computer visits. Even […]

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Orchid – a New Kind of Decentralized VPN Network

Orchid says its new VPN protocol and token will make privacy more private. The launch of Orchid’s new product is expected this week. If successful, Orchid may revolutionize VPNs. Of course, lots of past products have also promised to “revolutionize” various things and yet never managed to accomplish anything revolutionary. It should be interesting to see what happens with Orchid’s new VPN. VPNs are supposed to establish secure, private connections […]

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HTTPS Encryption on Windows is No Longer Secure

For several years, many of us have depended upon HTTPS encryption to keep our online activities safe and secure from hackers and spies. The “S” in HTTPS claims that the connection to the web site is Secure. In other words, the connection is supposed to be safe due to the fact that it is encrypted. NOTE: For an explanation of HTTPS encryption, look at Wikipedia’s explanation at: Researchers at […]

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Cloudflare Unveils new WARP VPN

Cloudflare has announced that its new WARP VPN services are available for both Android and Apple iOS users. The new product claims to be more secure and also runs faster than its competitors. A company spokesperson stated, “building a next generation service to secure consumer mobile connections without slowing them down or burning battery was… harder than we originally thought.” The new WARP VPN is available in two versions: a […]

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