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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

VPN (Virtual Private Networking)

What is a VPN and Why do I Need One?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are used to protect your privacy, unblock streaming locks, and hide from hackers and government spies alike. You can find an excellent article about why you want to use a VPN by Carrie Marshall in the T3.COM web site at: The article seems to be an advertisement for ExpressVPN, a commercial VPN service. However, almost all the information provided in the article applies to all […]

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Spying Risk From Foreign VPNs Is Real

“While there are advantages to the use of VPN applications, they are not without risk,” DHS Cybersecurity Director Christopher Krebs told US Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) in a letter made public on Tuesday. VPNs, or virtual private networks, encrypt your internet connection and route traffic through a server controlled by the VPN provider. This can make the applications appealing to consumers worried about their privacy or who want to visit […]

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Opera 60 Reborn 3 promises to be Web3-ready with a Crypto Wallet and a Revamped VPN

Opera Software has released Opera 60.0, a major new version of its web browser dubbed Reborn 3. The ‘3’ is a partial reference to the browser’s support for Web3, the so-called decentralized “block-chain based internet of the future”. The new browser’s support for Web3 comes with a new Crypto Wallet to facilitate secure online identification and transactions. The browser’s free VPN service has also been overhauled along with a design […]

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Cloudflare’s Free VPN called Warp will Reportedly Be One of the Few Free VPNs You Can Trust

Cloudfare’s DNS service will add a VPN to its app for mobile devices. See for the details. The company is adding a new security service that looks to provide consumers with improved privacy and security for Internet access: a VPN to be called Warp that will offer even more privacy while browsing the internet on their phone. Best of all, Warp will be offered in two versions: FREE version […]

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List of Countries that have Officially Banned the use of VPNs

Here is a list of all the backwards countries that have passed laws that attempt to eliminate the online privacy of its citizens and residents: I suspect that banning VPNs only increases the use of VPNs in each of these countries simply because of all the publicity generated. When anyone is told they cannot use something, the natural reaction is, “Why not? Would it be useful?”

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Cloudflare’s New VPN Service Reportedly Won’t Slow You Down

Cloudflare has announced that it’s adding a VPN service to its DNS resolver app. The service, which first came to mobile back in November, currently attempts to speed up mobile data speeds by using Cloudflare’s network to resolve DNS queries faster than your existing mobile network. From a report: “We wanted to build a VPN service that my dad would install on his phone,” says Cloudflare CEO Matthew […]

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Opera Adds Free and Unlimited VPN Service To Its Android Browser

As users become more cautious about their privacy, many have explored using VPN services. According to a GlobalWebIndex estimate, more than 650 million people worldwide use such tools to mask their identity online and fend off web trackers. Opera 51 for Android now enables users to establish a private connection between their mobile device and a remote VPN server using 256-bit encryption. Users can pick a server of their choice […]

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