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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

New U.N. Report Says Encryption Tech is Crucial for Human Rights

A recently published U.N. report on encryption technology counters governments’ claims that the tech is detrimental to a safe society. The battle between members of U.S. and some other nations’ law enforcement who stand opposed to strong encryption and those who champion the data-scrambling technology continues. But a new report from the United Nations has weighed in, saying that encryption is crucial for human rights and freedom of speech.

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The Hola “VPN” is actually a Botnet

Users of the virtual private network Hola got more than they bargained for when they signed up for accounts. When they enrolled in the popular free Israel-based VPN service—presumably to conceal their IP addresses to circumvent Internet restrictions abroad, or to evade eavesdroppers—they actually inadvertently enlisted their devices in a robot army. In effect, using Hola INCREASES security problems instead of decreasing problems. Details may be found at

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Germany Sues E-Commerce Sites for Sharing Data with Facebook

Germany’s consumer watchdog has sued two e-commerce companies for using the “Like” button on their websites because, the Wall Street Journal reports, the sites didn’t warn visitors that their personal data would be shared with Facebook. The state-backed Consumer Advice Center of North Rhine-Westphalia alleged that the transfer of user data infringed German privacy laws because visitors to the sites were not told that their personal information was being sent […]

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FBI Wants to Weaken Your Cell Phone’s Security

FBI Director James B. Comey has stated that companies like Apple and Google have “gone too far” in offering fully encrypted cellphones that neither the FBI nor the companies selling the devices can crack. He suggests American companies should refrain from providing any products secured by encryption unless they also weaken their security so the FBI and other government agencies are able to decrypt their customers’ data at the government’s […]

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NetUSB Vulnerability Leaves Millions of Wi-fi Networks Open To Attack

Your wi-fi router may be insecure, allowing unknown nearby hackers to gain access to your network. Certain TP-LINK and Netgear devices are known to be vulnerable, but the researchers believe that devices from a whole range of manufacturers including IOGear, Western Digital, and ZyXEL are affected. If your router has the capability to plug in a USB device, you will want to read the article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in ZD-Net […]

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WhatsApp Encryption makes it a Secure Instant Messenger

WhatsApp is probably the most widely-used instant messaging service for phones and tablets. It also is the most secure of all the popular instant messaging products although perhaps not quite as secure as some of the lesser-known products. This level of security wasn’t always available in WhatsApp. The service was hacked many times in its first few years. Last year, WhatsApp’s new owners Facebook decided enough was enough. As a […]

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