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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Uncle Sam and the Illusion of Privacy Online

The U.S. government doubled its requests for Twitter user information in late 2014 compared with the year before. Most of the time, the publishing platform gave officials what they wanted. The U.S. government made twice as many requests for Twitter user information in the last half of 2014 compared with the year before, according to a detailed report out from Twitter this week. Details may be found at

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What To Do if Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen in a Hack

If you’re an Anthem customer, your Social Security Number was stolen last week. See my earlier article ay for details. You need to protect yourself. Of course, the same protection is a good idea for everyone. You can find several good suggestions by Alan Henry in the LifeHacker Blog at One that I recommend for everyone, hacked or not, is to sign up for Mint or for Personal […]

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12 Ways to Protect Your Facebook Privacy

Many web sites extract and save your personal information. However, perhaps the most flagrant violator of your privacy is Facebook. The online service brings a lot of pleasure to people – it’s an easy way to keep in touch, share photographs and it’s also a great source of information. But there is certain information you might be unwittingly sharing on Facebook that you would rather keep private. There are also […]

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Credit Card & Passport Holders Block RFID Snooping

U.S. and most other nations’ passports have microchips embedded in them. U.S. credit cards are starting to carry them as well. Some driver’s licenses now have embedded microhips as well. As a result, your financial and personal information is easily stolen by a stealthy form of pickpocketing. Using a Vivotech RFID credit card reader or a similar device, available on eBay for about $50, a thief can read a credit […]

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Facebook will soon be able to ID You in Any Photo

Facebook’s DeepFace system is now as accurate as a human being at a few constrained facial recognition tasks. However, the company claims it will use the technology not to invade your privacy but rather to protect it. Comment: I wonder how many people will believe THAT statement. he U.S. government has poured funding into university-based facial recognition research. And in the private sector, Google and other companies are pursuing their […]

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U.S. and UK’s Mass Surveillance Sharing Program was Illegal

A UK tribunal ruled on Friday that intelligence sharing between GCHQ and the NSA before December 2014 was not lawful because of a lack of transparency. This is the first time the secretive Investigative Powers Tribunal, which oversees the actions of the UK’s intelligence services GCHQ, MI5 and MI6, has ever upheld a complaint against an agency and it follows a ruling in December that the UK intelligence operation was […]

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