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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Scientists Develop ‘Absolutely Unbreakable’ Encryption Chip Using Chaos Theory

An international team of scientists claims it has achieved perfect secrecy cryptography, one that cannot even be decoded by quantum computing. The team has developed a prototype silicon chip that uses the laws of nature, including chaos theory. With no software or code to manipulate, traditional methods of cracking computer encryption are irrelevant, the scientists claim. This technology probably will not be available in consumer devices for a few years […]

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Over 750,000 Applications for US Birth Certificate Copies Exposed Online

This is a major security breach. An online company that allows users to obtain a copy of their birth and death certificates from U.S. state governments has exposed a massive cache of applications — including their personal information. More than 752,000 applications for copies of birth certificates were found on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage bucket. The bucket, owned by a Barcelona-based company Onlinevitalus, wasn’t protected with a password, […]

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Wawa Data Breach Provides Another Case for Cryptocurrencies

We seem to be suffering from lots of data breaches on the web sites of large corporations. One recent example is the recent theft of information from Wawa, a large chain of convenience stores and gas stations throughout the eastern United States. The personal data of millions of customers was apparently exposed for more than 6 months before being discovered. Writing in the BeInCrypto web site, Max Moeller points out […]

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Over 267 Million Facebook Users Reportedly Had Personal Data Exposed Online

Are you STILL using Facebook? If so, you need to change your passwords again… and probably again and again. More than 267 million Facebook users allegedly had their user IDs, phone numbers and names exposed online, according to a report from Comparitech and security researcher Bob Diachenko according to the article in the EnGadget web site at: These reports seems to happen a lot with Facebook!

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A Russian Company Says it can Extract Email Addresses and Passwords from Locked iPhones

Elcomsoft, which creates digital forensic software for governments and law enforcement agencies, said on Friday that its iOS Forensic Toolkit can now extract some data from locked iPhones and iPads in Before First Unlock (BFU) mode. The tool takes advantage of a vulnerability, known as the Checkm8 exploit, in certain iPhone and iPad models. The Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit sells for $1,495. Details may be found at

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