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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Keep Your Email Address Safe From Hackers and Trackers

The Firefox web browser is adding a feature that will make an email alias with 1 click, and keep your address to yourself. It will hide your real email address from advertisers and spam operators when filling in online forms. The service entered testing last month and is currently in a closed beta, with a public beta currently scheduled for later this year. Private Relay will be available as a […]

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Experts Warn That Facebook’s New Video Chat Feature Isn’t Actually That Private

Here is another example of Facebook’s shoddy business practices: As the coronavirus has forced most people into lengthy stays at home, video chat technology has experienced a huge surge in popularity. Of course, Facebook is trying to capitalize on this boom by creating a Zoom-like tool called Messenger Rooms. However, experts are already warning that privacy-concerned users should be wary of the feature. First off, the tool does not feature […]

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This Facebook Scam Might Cost You Thousands

Your Facebook friend asking for money might actually be a hacker, not a friend. This is an old scam that has been around for several years but a new variation of it is making the rounds on Facebook. In the previous versions, you might receive an email message from a friend or relative who claimed to be traveling overseas and had his or her wallet stolen, along with all his […]

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Bitcoin Messenger May Become the Most Secure and Private Text Messaging Service of All

According to an article by Leigh Cuen in the CoinDesk web site: A new bitcoin privacy technology was born this week, inspired by the politics of the “Great Lockdown.” On Monday, software engineer John Cantrell released a messenger application called Juggernaut. It’s built entirely on top of bitcoin’s scaling layer, the Lightning Network, and offers end-to-end encrypted, onion-routed, peer-to-peer messages. In some ways, Juggernaut offers a more secure and primitive version of the Ethereum-based Status messaging app or […]

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Millions of VPN Users Endangered by this Cross-Border Intelligence Pact

Your government is plotting against you and your desire for privacy! I bet you are not surprised, right? According to an article by Joel Khalili in the TechRadar Pro web site: “While VPN users across the globe might assume their internet activity is safe from prying eyes, the privacy of millions could be jeopardised by little-known information sharing treaties, designed to sidestep surveillance law. “According to data collated and analysed […]

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