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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

How to Avoid another Russian-Troll Misinformation Nightmare in 2020

“We typically think of social media platforms—Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.—as distinct from one another…. This is true for most users. But it’s also true for the trolls and bots that drive disinformation campaigns. This phenomenon helps explain what happened when the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) targeted US social media during and after the 2016 US presidential election.” You can read more in n article by Josephine Lukito in the […]

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Tories Switch to Messaging App Signal after WhatsApp Leaks

WhatsApp has been plagued with security problems, often making supposedly secret communications visible to unauthorized people. See for past stories about WhatsApp’s many security problems. Now politicians in England have moved to a more secure messaging app following years of leaks from WhatsApp groups. You can read more in an article in The Guardian web site at: What text messaging app are YOU using? Also, who is reading […]

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India Proposes New Rules to Access its Citizens’ Personal Data

From a report by Manish Singh in the TechCrunch web site: “India has proposed groundbreaking rules, akin to Europe’s GDPR, that would require technology companies to garner consent from citizens before collecting and processing their personal data. ‘But at the same time, the new rules also state that companies would have to hand over ‘non-personal’ data of their users to the government, and New Delhi would also hold the power […]

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Cops see an Encryption Problem. Spyware Makers see an Opportunity.

In regular intervals, politicians demand that companies add backdoors to their end-to-end encrypted cloud services to enable law enforcements to easier persecute criminals. This demand ignores that any backdoor to encryption poses a severe threat to online security in general. An article in the Tutanota Blog explains why a backdoor is – and will always be – a stupid idea. The Trump administration is once again pushing for access to […]

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Facebook Tells US Attorney General It’s Not Prepared To Get Rid Of Encryption On WhatsApp And Messenger

Facebook said it would not weaken end-to-end encryption across its messaging apps, despite pressure from world governments, in a letter to US Attorney General Bill Barr and UK and Australian leaders. From a report by Ryan Mac in the BuzzFeed News: “People’s private messages would be less secure and the real winners would be anyone seeking to take advantage of that weakened security,” the company wrote to leaders in the […]

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