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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

23andMe Lays Off 100 Employees Because of both Recession Fears and Customers’ Privacy Concerns

According to an article by Christina Farr in the CNBC news web site at 23andMe is laying off 100 people, or 14% of its staff, mostly from its operations team, as consumer DNA tests are down. CEO Anne Wojcicki didn’t have a clear explanation for that, but cited a variety of factors, including both recession fears and privacy concerns. Wojcicki said she anticipated that DNA testing would explode when […]

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Dashcam Flaw Allows Anyone to Track Drivers in Real-Time Across the US

BlackVue is a dashcam company with its own social network. With a small, internet-connected dashcam installed inside their vehicle, BlackVue users can receive alerts when their camera detects an unusual event such as someone colliding with their parked car. Customers can also allow others to tune into their camera’s feed, letting others “vicariously experience the excitement and pleasure of driving all over the world,” a message displayed inside the app […]

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Breaking iPhone Encryption Won’t Make Anyone Safer

“Imagine all your tax documentation could be examined by officials from any government merely on suspicion. That’s the future some governments are pushing for when they demand that Apple put security backdoors into its products. “If the government’s demands are met, any security vulnerability will be exploited, enabling more of the bad activity backdoors intend to prevent.” That is the belief of security expert Jonny Evans in an opinion article […]

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