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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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Wawa Data Breach Provides Another Case for Cryptocurrencies

We seem to be suffering from lots of data breaches on the web sites of large corporations. One recent example is the recent theft of information from Wawa, a large chain of convenience stores and gas stations throughout the eastern United States. The personal data of millions of customers was apparently exposed for more than 6 months before being discovered. Writing in the BeInCrypto web site, Max Moeller points out […]

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Android Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Steal Crypto Wallet Info

On December 2, the Norwegian app security firm Promon revealed the discovery of a dangerous Android vulnerability called StrandHogg, which has reportedly infected all versions of Android and has put the top 500 most popular apps at risk. Promon CTO Tom Lysemose Hansen commented: “We have tangible proof that attackers are exploiting StrandHogg in order to steal confidential information. The potential impact of this could be unprecedented in terms of […]

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Bitcoin Is a Hedge Against Government ‘Fiscal Irresponsibility’

Equities portfolio manager turned crypto fund executive Travis Kling has argued that Bitcoin (BTC) has come into its own as a unique hedge within the current macroeconomic climate. In an interview with CNN on Sept. 15, Kling argued that the specific properties of Bitcoin make it an exceptional insurance policy against monetary and fiscal irresponsibility from central banks and governments globally. He said:

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Singapore Could Embrace Bitcoin First

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have been the subject of several statements from government officials lately, primarily because these cryptocurrencies provide a lot of privacy. The United States, the United Kingdom, and several other government’s representatives have claimed that Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies should be limited or completely banned because these governments cannot easily spy on their citizens’ transactions. Indeed, the governments of China and India have already attempted to ban […]

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Facebook’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ Libra has Nothing to do with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies

“To grasp the implications of Libra in the wider world of cryptocurrencies, of which there are thousands, it’s vital to understand how Bitcoin operates and why its users see value in a decentralized, non-national monetary system. By highlighting how Bitcoin works alongside Libra, it’s clear that the two have about as much in common as the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy does with gold mining — or a corporate powerhouse does […]

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The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority says You are Too DUMB to Understand Cryptocurrencies and Shouldn’t be Allowed to Purchase Them

It’s always nice to see our governments looking out for the best interests of their citizens but sometimes the result is smothering those citizens and removing all opportunities from them for advancing their own interests and improving their own finances and lifestyles. An article by Scott Cook in the CryptoNewsZ web site states: “Financial Conduct Authority, the financial markets regulators of the United Kingdom, has suggested a ban on crypto […]

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Libra Cryptocurrency Won’t Set Us Free, It Will Further Enslave Us to Facebook

Ok, first of all, the new Libra digital currency announced this past week by Facebook is NOT a cryptocurrency! Other than that error, an article by Kenan Malik in The Guardian web site describes several reasons why Libra is a bad idea, especially for anyone concerned with personal privacy. You can read the article at: NOTE: Lots of news services are calling the new Libra proposal a “cryptocurrency” but […]

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