Follow-up: What is Wi-Fi Calling and Why Would I Want It?

This is an update to the information given in my earlier article, What is Wi-Fi Calling and Why Would I Want It?, at

In the article, I described Google’s Project Fi and how it could make cell phone calls over several different cell phone networks as well as over wi-fi networks, even switching connections in the middle of a call, if necessary. I stated “Phones for Google Project Fi are all expensive (check the latest prices as they vary often), but they are all high-end phones with the latest technology. I am using a Nexus 6P phone with Google Project Fi and love it.” In fact, Project Fi only worked on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones.

Today, Google announced that the feature is coming to all Nexus cell phone users. It will no longer be limited to only the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones.

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WhatsApp has Announced That it will Start Sharing Your Phone Number with Facebook

But you can opt out.

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy to indicate the changes as well as other additions to the platform, such as WhatsApp Web, desktop clients, end-to-end encryption, and voice call service. The data will be leveraged to show you targeted ads on Facebook, offer better friend suggestions, and fight spam. And if you don’t want the service to share your data with Facebook, you can opt out.

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EncryptUS for Windows Can Keep Your Email Secure

Sending email on most services is very insecure. Your email usually passes through a large number of computers, other networks and countries, leaving a copy of itself in plain text each time. At all times your messages can be read by the people who are in charge of these computers and network equipment (and in many cases your government). Because email is sent in an easily readable format and is often stored for years, it has no protection from prying eyes meaning any personal information you send could be hacked years into the future. Messages you thought were deleted years ago may still be sitting on servers around the world.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Facebook Knows Much, Much More About You Than You Probably Realize

Facebook recently introduced ad education portal to help users understand how the site targets its ads. However, the site’s new transparency also revealed the amount of your information that Facebook provides to advertisers — 98 personal data points in all.

As most savvy users already know, Facebook tracks your on-site activity, your device and location settings, and almost every other website you visit. However, the extent of your private info it gathers is stunning, including your income and net worth, the square footage of your home, whether or not you’re an expectant parent, the number of credit lines you have and what kind of restaurants you like to eat at, just to name a few.

Details may be found in an article on at

ORWL: a Tamper-Proof, Encrypted PC

If you’re paranoid about someone gaining physical access to your computer, the palm-sized ORWL could put your mind at ease. ORWL is billed by its maker Design Shift as the first “physically secure computer” due to the lengths the company has taken to lock down data stored on the device.

The device sports an Intel Skylake Core m3 processor, as well as 8GB RAM, and either 120GB or 480GB SSD. It has two USB 3.0 Type C ports, one Micro HDMI port, and supports 4K output. The system can run Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux systems, Windows 10, or the security-focused Qubes OS.

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