Australian Police Warn of Shady USB Drives Appearing in Mailboxes

A person or a group of people have been dropping malicious USB sticks in mailboxes around Victoria, Australia. The State Police on Wednesday issued a warning, saying these USB drives are “believed to be extremely harmful,” urging the public not to use them.

“Upon inserting the USB drives into their computers victims have experienced fraudulent media streaming offers, as well as other serious issues,” the statement read. A Victoria police spokesperson said the USB sticks “ruin” computers they’re inserted into.

Details may be found in an article by Daniel Van Boom in the C|Net web site at

Cloudflare Launches a Three-Pronged Attack to Encrypt the Entire Web

Cloudflare is rolling out three new approaches today designed to help its clients’ websites offer more encrypted browsing to their visitors. Those tools are meant to improve the encryption it currently offers to customers, make it easier for complex, stubbornly unencrypted websites to start the process of encrypting, and configure customers’ sites so that visitors’ connections are automatically encrypted wherever the option is possible. In total, Cloudflare says it serves a massive 8 to 10 percent of all Internet requests, offering content delivery, server, and security services to clients like Nasdaq and eHarmony—but about 80 percent of that web traffic is still unencrypted. At that scale, incremental security improvements for Cloudflare customers (some who pay for premium access and some who receive services for free) can have a real impact on overall web traffic around the world.

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Secret Service Warns of ‘Periscope’ Skimmers

‘Periscope’ Skimmers are installed entirely inside an ATM and are designed to steal your debit card’s or credit card’s numbers. Because they are installed inside the ATM, you will not see any clue there is a skimmer installed when you use the ATM. Crooks who use this type of device eventually will want to capture your PIN so they can later drain your debit account at another ATM.

The US Secret Service task force warned that the devices may have the capability to remain powered within the ATM for up to 14 days and can store up to 32,000 card numbers before exhausting the skimmer’s battery strength and data storage capacity.

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Edward Snowden Says Privacy is the Most Important Right

edward-snowdenEdward Snowden, the American NSA whistleblower, who’s currently living in Russia, joined via a webcam a Q&A for a screening in New York City of the new Oliver Stone-directed film “Snowden,” about Snowden’s life and his decision to leak NSA documents in 2013 exposing the extent of government surveillance on private citizens.

“The common argument we have — if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear — the origins of that are literally Nazi propaganda,” Snowden said. (Note: While the quote is widely attributed to Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, its exact origins appear to be unclear.) “So when we hear modern politicians, modern people repeating that reflexively without confronting its origins, what it really stands for, I think that’s harmful,” he continued.

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