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“By continuing the process of inflation, governments can confiscate secretly and unobserved an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” – John Maynard Keynes, writing about the effects of a seemingly small amount of inflation every year.

Reclaim Your Privacy with These Privacy-Focused Alternatives to Google’s Services

If you’d prefer not to have a corporation and all its buddies breathing down your neck, consider these privacy-focused alternatives to Google’s services. Alternatives for Google Chrome, Google Search, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Translate, YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail may be found in an article by Alexander Fox in the MakeTechEasier web site at:

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GEDmatch Implements Required Opt-In for Law Enforcement Matching and Privacy Issues

GEDmatch is an open data personal genomics database and genealogy website founded in 2010 by Curtis Rogers and John Olson. Its main purpose is to help “amateur and professional researchers and genealogists,” including adoptees searching for birth parents. However, it recently has also become “the de facto DNA and genealogy database for all of law enforcement,” according to The Atlantic’s Sarah Zhang. GEDmatch recently gained a lot of publicity after […]

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WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe

If you use WhatsApp or are thinking about using it, you need to read WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe by Telegram founder Pavel Durov at Quoting from the article, “Looking back, there hasn’t been a single day in WhatsApp’s 10 year journey when this service was secure.” Durov isn’t the only one to criticize WhatsApp’s lack of security. You can find dozens more online articles detailing WhatsApp’s numerous security […]

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Federal Agencies are Spending Millions to Hack into Locked Cell Phones

Your tax dollars at work: hacking into everyone’s private information stored in cell phones in order to spy on you and on everyone else. “A $1.2 million tab for iPhone hacking technology at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement underscores how pervasively law enforcement is cracking into passcodes and other security features Americans use to keep their information private.” Details may be found in an article by Joseph Marks in the […]

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WhatsApp Users: URGENT You Need to Update the App

If you have the WhatsApp cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook installed on your cell phone, you need to update it NOW! It seems a major bug has been discovered in WhatsApp that allows hackers to hijack your phone. An update to fix the serious bug is now available. You can find dozens of articles about this serious security bug by starting at: A better […]

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