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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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Volla Phone – a Linux-Based Smartphone to Keep You Completely Anonymous

A new Linux-based smartphone dubbed Volla Phone is listed on Kickstarter. The phone reportedly rethinks the entire approach to how we use our smartphones and all the features of the Volla Phone are based around protecting user anonymity. Here is a quote from the Volla Phone information on KickStarter: “Today’s smart phones know what we do and when. The deep integration of cloud services with Google Play in mobile operating […]

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Windows 10: Hidden Backdoor Found By Kaspersky Researchers

From an article by Davey Winder published in the Forbes web site: “A notorious hacking group known as Platinum, for once deserving of the “advanced” in the advanced persistent threat (APT) label, has developed a backdoor security threat that hides in plain sight on Windows 10 systems. The Platinum APT group, also known as TwoForOne, is thought to have nation-state backing and has been actively operating for the last ten […]

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Google has Access to Detailed Health Records on Tens of Millions of Americans

Google quietly partnered last year with Ascension—the country’s second-largest health system—and has since gained access to detailed medical records on tens of millions of Americans, according to a November 11 report by The Wall Street Journal. The endeavor, code-named “Project Nightingale,” has enabled at least 150 Google employees to see patient health information, which includes diagnoses, laboratory test results, hospitalization records, and other data, according to internal documents and the […]

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Tor vs I2P

Privacy-aware individuals know that in todays world of ISP data retention being measured in petabytes and massive supercomputing resources being thrown at traffic analysis by both governments and private industry alike, individuals must take it upon themselves to ensure the freedoms that come with anonymous information access and communication. Two of the most popular tools for doing so on the internet are Tor and I2P. On the surface, I2P appears […]

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FreeNet Secure Browser – Safer and More Secure than Tor Networking and the Tor Browser

FreeNet is among the best Tor alternatives and is combined with both OpenNet and Darknet technologies. The P2P security software is credible for unblocking censorship. This Tor alternative does not have a central server; therefore, it is difficult to hack their systems even those who are responsible for the system maintenance are not accessible to the user’s details. FreeNet gathers the data in peers, and all the uploaded content is […]

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