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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

How to Print, Email, or Save This Blog’s Articles

You can save any article from this web site as a PDF file on your own computer. You also can print any article or send any article by email to yourself or to someone else. To do so, look at the boxes at the end of any article here. The leftmost-box is labeled “Print & PDF.” Click on that.

The article will then appear in a new window on your screen. Notice the options across the top of that window: PRINT, (save as) PDF, or EMAIL. Use the option you wish.

Also note there are options to make the text size larger or smaller, to remove images, or to undo any of the options you just selected.

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  1. Thank you for allowing posts to be shared. My daughter and her family are in direct path of Dorian. Your article on emergency contact equipment is extremely important.


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