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Do You Have Any Decals in the Front Door or Window of your Home?

What are you advertising to burglars and other rip-off artists?

If you have a sign or decal of the home security kind, you are advertising to anyone who cares to look, “Here is the brand of home security device I use. If you know how to defeat this company’s security systems, you can easily gain access to this house.” Most security systems can be neutralized by simply cutting the telephone wires on the side of the house so that the alarm system cannot notify the police or a central alarm system company.

NOTE: My house is an exception. My primary alarm system connects to a central alarm company’s dispatch center by cellular telephone, not by wired phone lines. In fact, I don’t have any phone line connected to the house as I don’t use any old-fashioned landline phone.  There are many reasons for getting rid of old-fashioned phone lines, switching to a better security system is simply one more reason.

Actually, I have two separate alarm systems plus video cameras that constitute a third system. One alarm system connects via cellular phone towers while the others connect via a broadband Internet connection (with underground cabling that is hidden at the point where it enters the house). But that is a story for a later article.

If you have a sign or decal from the National Rifle Association (NRA) on your door or even on the back of your vehicle, you are advertising: “Get your guns here!” Burglars reportedly love to steal firearms. Having a firearm at home “for personal protection” won’t do any good if you are not at home at the time. Why advertise?

I would also suggest not leaving a note on the door addressed to the FedEx or UPS delivery person.

beware-of-dogMy favorite sign for the front of the house is “Beware of Dog.” Actually, I don’t have a dog but I would like the would-be burglars to think that I might have a guard dog. The purpose of the sign is simply to create doubt in the mind of the person seeking easy access to the house and to encourage him to ignore my house and to move on to find easier targets down the street.

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  1. How do you receive Faxes?
    Is there a Cellular service that you use?


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