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Credit Cards

Wawa’s Massive Card Breach: 30 Million Customers’ Details are now For Sale Online

If you have used Wawa’s convenience stores and gas stations at any time from from March 4 until December 12, 2019, your name, credit card number(s), and other personal information are already known to numerous hackers. On Monday, hackers put up for sale the payment card details of more than 30 million Americans and over one million foreigners on Joker’s Stash, the internet’s largest carding fraud forum.

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3 Reasons To Use a Digital Wallet

“Paying with just a wave of your phone can be more secure than a physical card.” Key takeaways: Mobile payments are safe—and they are faster and easier than paying cash or using a card. You can connect a debit card or a credit card to the digital wallet app in your phone to make mobile payments. If you have a smartphone, you can use that to pay for things with […]

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Use Token to Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

Disclaimer: This article is about a service I have not used myself. My bank already offers a FREE “virtual credit card” to its customers at no charge that is almost the same as the Token service described here. Therefore, I have no desire to switch. However, if your bank does not offer a “virtual credit card” service, you might want to read this article (or else switch banks!). An article […]

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Why You Might Want to Use a Secure, Virtual Credit Card from

More than 205 million Americans – more than half the population – uses online shopping. While all of these online shoppers apparently are comfortable with the security, a few others are still nervous about using credit cards online. That’s sad as millions of people prove every day that online shopping is safe. Federal laws specify that you’ll only be liable for up to $50 of any bogus transaction. However, the […]

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Vera Bradley says Payment System Hacked

Handbag maker Vera Bradley Inc said on Wednesday hackers may have accessed customer data from payment processing systems in its stores, partly contributing to a delay in an upgrade of its website that could hurt holiday-season sales. The company said hackers may have accessed customer data including card numbers, cardholder names, expiration dates and internal verification codes ‍between July 25 and Sept. 23. The exact number of cards affected is […]

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French Banks Offer Credit Card Numbers That Change Every Hour

What if the numbers on your card changed every hour so that, even if a fraudster copied them, they’d quickly be out of date? That’s exactly what two French banks are starting to do with their new high-tech ebank cards… The three digits on the back of this card will change, every hour, for three years. And after they change, the previous three digits are essentially worthless, and that’s a […]

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Secret Service Warns of ‘Periscope’ Skimmers

‘Periscope’ Skimmers are installed entirely inside an ATM and are designed to steal your debit card’s or credit card’s numbers. Because they are installed inside the ATM, you will not see any clue there is a skimmer installed when you use the ATM. Crooks who use this type of device eventually will want to capture your PIN so they can later drain your debit account at another ATM. The US […]

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