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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

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Huawei Eyes ProtonMail as It Searches for Gmail Alternative

ProtonMail is one of the best known, perhaps THE best known, provider of encrypted (private) email messages. ProtonMail is based in Switzerland where not only can the company offer encrypted services, but local laws prohibit the release of personal information or the contents of email messages sent or received by any person or corporation. (Eat your heart out CIA, FBI, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Australian Secret Intelligence Services, the […]

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US AG Barr Demands Tech Firms Break Encryption

Some politicians simply don’t understand the legitimate needs for encryption. If they are not careful, they may get what they wish for. The latest silliness involves US Attorney General Bill Barr who told attendees of a cybersecurity conference in New York that the government should be able to spy on everyone’s secrets. You can read more at: What is encryption and why is it important? Encryption, is the process […]

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Pioneer Edition FreedomBox Home Server

Why would you want to run a server in your own home? There are many reasons but perhaps the most important one is that it insures a lot more privacy for you and your on-line activities. Let’s ask the opposite question: Why would you want to store your data in some company’s servers where it can be hacked by credit card thieves, identity thieves, employees of the hosting company, and […]

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Facebook says it ‘Unintentionally Uploaded’ 1.5 Million People’s Email Contacts without Their Consent

You are still using Facebook? Read the article in Business Insider at and I bet you will change your mind. This sort of thing happens much too often with Facebook. It seems that the contents of 1.5 million people’s contact books were directly harvested by Facebook. That’s 1.5 million address books which contained a much larger number of names and email addresses. The total number of people whose contact […]

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Microsoft’s Has Been Compromised for Months, Email Addresses and Subject Lines,and More Were Left Exposed

If you or someone you contact via e-mail uses Microsoft’s webmail services, such as, then it is possible that you have been involved in a data breach. If so, it’s time to change all your online passwords! Microsoft confirmed to TechCrunch this week that the firm’s webmail services have been a victim of a data breach. Data on customers was left exposed through a support agent’s credentials which were […]

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Russia Blocks Encrypted Email Provider ProtonMail

If ProtonMail’s encryption is so good that the Russians are afraid of it, then it must be very good encryption! This latest announcement from the state Federal Security Service, formerly the KGB, may turn out to be the best advertising that ProtonMail could ever obtain! Instead of being “Banned in Boston,” ProtonMail is now proudly “Banned in Moscow.” Well, the ban is perfect just yet. Some Russians are still able […]

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