Anonabox PRO WiFi TOR and VPN Router for Internet Privacy

Anonabox PRO WiFi TOR and VPN RouterI just returned from a two-week trip to New Zealand and then to Singapore. I wanted to have secure communications via email and via Google Duo (similar to Apple FaceTime but for both iPhone and Android cell phones) and I also wanted to be able to surf the web securely. I didn’t want any hackers to view online transactions with my bank account, credit card companies, or any online purchases I might make while traveling. While most online transactions use SSL (Secure Sockets layer) encryption, SSL has been hacked.

NOTE: See my earlier article at for just one example of SSL being compromised. There are other methods of cracking SSL encryption as well.

If I was using only one laptop or cell phone, I probably would install VPN software in that device. That probably would be the simplest and cheapest solution. However, I wanted to secure my Macintosh laptop, the Chromebook laptop, the Android cell phone, and the VoIP telephone I carry with me when traveling. (Someday I will write about why I carry a VoIP telephone. For now, I will simply state that I perform live telephone support for one of my business ventures.) I wanted one device to secure all of these systems.

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iCloak Offers Security and Anonymity when Online

icloakiCloak is a small device that looks like a USB flashdrive. It plugs into the USB connector on a Windows or Macintosh computer and offers what is supposedly a secure and untraceable online connection to the World Wide Web. It works by substituting for the Windows or OSX Macintosh operating system in your computer.

The tiny device has two operating systems installed inside, one for Windows PCs and another one for Macintosh systems. Plug it in, reboot the computer, and the computer loads the new operating system from the iCloak device. The computer’s keyboard, mouse, and display screen are used by the iCloak’s operating system while the computer’s internal hard drive is not used. Once finished, unplug the iCloak device, reboot, and the computer returns to normal.

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