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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Idka: the Best Social Network that You Probably Never Heard Of

I don’t know why this competitor to Facebook and other web sites doesn’t get more publicity. Maybe it is because the company doesn’t have a multi-million dollar advertising budget?

According to Wikipedia at

Idka AB is a collaborative social networking platform headquartered in Sweden. Idka allows you to connect, share, store and share documents and files, while keeping your data completely safe. Idka is advertising-free, and fully encrypted. The solution combines all of the functionality of social media in one place, and will never share or sell information. The user controls the sharing.”

Here are several quotes from the Idka web site at

“There has never been such a severe and real threat to society than corporations using psychological warfare to manipulate the choices of individuals through the use of emotional triggers. This attack on society, democracy and self-determination facilitated by the monitoring of individuals’ every interaction, must be stopped. It is time to move to services like Idka, who don’t just respect privacy, but enhance and protect it.”

– Alexander Hanff
CEO, Think Privacy

“Privacy is at the heart of what we do, and that will never change. Your content is yours. We never ask for shared rights, and never disseminate or sell your information. Delete means it’s gone. For Real.”

“Connect with the people that matter. Interact with friends, family and colleagues. Create your own private groups. Share and store anything you want – all on one platform. You decide who can reach you, and what and with whom you share.”

“Idka is a subscription-based service. There are no ads, no algorithms, no fake news, irrelevant content, or annoying interruptions.”

“Connect, chat, work, store and share pictures, documents and files – all on one platform. No more need for separate cloud storage or other disparate systems. All the functionality you love – in one safe place.”

Presently Idka is an open, free service, although there is a limit of 2 GB on the amount of storage that may be associated with one profile account. However, the company cannot exist forever without advertising or any other source of income. As a result, Idka plans to charge some users (but not all) for access to the site. In short, those who take advantage of the ability to privately store larger amounts of information online will need to pay. Here are the pricing plans:

Plan Cloud storage Price
Freemium 2 GB FREE
Basic 20 GB 2 EUR/month (about $2.22 US dollars/month)
Premium 100 GB 8 EUR/month (about $8.86 US dollars/month)

Idka can be accessed from a web browser on Windows, Chromebook, Macintosh, Linux, or most any other operating system plus the company has apps for Android and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) handheld systems. You can check it out at:

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  1. Nice to hear some noise about Idka! Really not a replacement for FB, because it’s not at all the same experience. Don’t go alone, in other words, and expect to find strangers waiting to connect. It’s for private groups and organizations who are looking for a safe place to communicate, store and share documents and files. If you are tired of being a data point and a target for ads, and just want to share with friends, colleagues or family, it’s worth a look-see!


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