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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Peekier: A New Search Engine Protects Your Privacy

Many of us love Google but do not like the invasion into our personal privacy that the search engine records. For several years, DuckDuckGo has been the best alternative search engine for anyone who values their privacy.

If you use Google’s services, the search engine giant almost knows more about you than you do. Google uses cookies in order to be able to recognize you each time you visit. Google determines your preferences according to your search requests, and displays respectively fitting ads. The owners of the pages you clicked on in the search results also gain data from you. They know where you come from, and what you looked for. Now, they immediately place their own cookie, and a basic profile has been created.

However, a new search engine, called Peekier, has entered the scene.


Peekier doesn’t store cookies, doesn’t save your IP address or any other information, doesn’t save search keywords, and doesn’t aggregate any information for its own use or to sell to marketeers. Your personal information remains yours alone and is not shared with others.

The only downside I see with Peekier is that the search results are derived from Bing, so you tend to not receive as many relative “hits” and you do not have as many options for searches as you would get from Google’s Advanced Search or even from DuckDuckGo. Still, Peekier is a true alternative to Google.

You can check it out at

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  1. I just wrote to them to ask if there’s any way to add Peekier to my Firefox search engine list. Haven’t checked with Chrome yet.
    Looks interesting. Thanks for the heads up.


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