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If You Are Using Windows, Read This Now!

Microsoft has issued a ‘critical’ update warning to millions of Windows users. It describes a newly-discovered security bug that is one of the most dangerous bugs ever discovered in Windows. Even worse, none of today’s anti-virus and anti-malware products will detect the problem. (Hopefully, that will change soon.)

Details may be found in an article by Gordon Kelly in the Forbes web site at: The article states:

“Windows users, stop what you’re doing because Microsoft has issued a critical warning across all versions of its platforms, including every version of Windows 10, and told users they must act now.”

HOWEVER, you also might want to read a “second opinion” written by Woody Leonhard, a well-known and respected Windows security expert, that has been published in the ComputerWorld web site. He writes:

“Many people running Windows10 version 1803 — the most common version of Win10 — are seeing dire notices that they need to upgrade to ‘the next version of Windows,’ by which Microsoft means 1903. Hogwash. You have options. Here’s what you can do.”

You can read Woody Leonhard’s article at:

As to my recommendation, I have no idea what you should do. I avoid these issues because I don’t use Windows. Instead, I use Macintosh, Linux, and Chromebook computers so I can avoid most security problems. (Chromebook computers never get viruses, Linux computers rarely get viruses, and Macintosh systems theoretically can get viruses but rarely do so.) You need to make your own decision as to your future course of action to avoid malware problems.

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