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ORWL: a Tamper-Proof, Encrypted PC

If you’re paranoid about someone gaining physical access to your computer, the palm-sized ORWL could put your mind at ease. ORWL is billed by its maker Design Shift as the first “physically secure computer” due to the lengths the company has taken to lock down data stored on the device.

The device sports an Intel Skylake Core m3 processor, as well as 8GB RAM, and either 120GB or 480GB SSD. It has two USB 3.0 Type C ports, one Micro HDMI port, and supports 4K output. The system can run Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux systems, Windows 10, or the security-focused Qubes OS.

Details may be found in an article in ZDNet at The ORWL web site may be found at

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